How do I buy LD2 tokens?

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To purchase LD2 tokens you need to create an account on WAX - either with WAX Cloud Wallet, or an EOSIO-compatible wallet like Anchor. Next, you will need to get WAX tokens. Directions for purchasing LD2 tokens with WAX can be found at our LD2.Zero Crowdsale page

Can I buy LD2 tokens with USD?

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Yes! You can purchase tokens directly from us here: LD2 Bullion. They can be purchased for immediate redemption (physical delivery), or for electronic delivery to your WAX wallet.

Why is there a difference between the spot price of silver and LD2 price?

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Connecting the spot price of silver (sold in 10000 oz lots on the trading floor) and the cost of finished silver coin is a common mistake. The spot price doesn’t include the actual landed cost of the silver, the premium the producers charges, the refinement/fabrication from the raw silver to the planchets, the minting into the coin, the storage/insurance of [...]

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