How do I buy LD2 tokens?2022-03-16T03:25:32+00:00

To purchase LD2 tokens you need to create an account on WAX – either with WAX Cloud Wallet, or an EOSIO-compatible wallet like Anchor. Next, you will need to get WAX tokens. Directions for purchasing LD2 tokens with WAX can be found at our LD2.Zero Crowdsale page

Can I buy LD2 tokens with USD?2022-03-16T03:15:45+00:00

Yes! You can purchase LD2.zero tokens directly from us here: LD2 Bullion. They can be purchased for immediate redemption (physical delivery), or for electronic delivery to your WAX wallet.

Why and how does the price change?2022-03-16T03:17:48+00:00

The price of LD2.zero tokens is pegged at $50/ounce (that’s $50/token).  Since the value of WAX changes constantly, we use a price oracle on the WAX blockchain. This allows us to give you the most up-to-the-minute WAX/USD exchange rate when you purchase your LD2.zero tokens.

After purchasing I can’t see my tokens! What do I do?2022-03-16T03:21:05+00:00

Make sure you follow the instructions for setting up a custom token in your wallet. You can find these instructions at the following link. Make sure to log in with your wallet, then scroll to the bottom of the page for the instructions: https://wax.ld2coin.io/

How can I redeem LD2 tokens?2018-08-28T03:29:02+00:00

Each LD2 digital token can be redeemed for the physical silver directly from the depository. That form can be found under “Physical Redemption” in the LD2.zero drop-down menu above.

How is the silver stored in the vault?2018-06-06T19:01:00+00:00

The one troy ounce of .999 fine silver backing each LD2 digital token is stored in the vault as a minted coin, ready for physical redemption. For LD2.zero each coin is the limited-edition  20th Anniversary Liberty Dollar commemorative.

Where is the warehouse located?2019-09-30T20:46:48+00:00

The warehouse is located at Sunshine Minting, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Why is there a difference between the spot price of silver and LD2 price?2018-11-01T04:35:54+00:00

Connecting the spot price of silver (sold in 10000 oz lots on the trading floor) and the cost of finished silver coin is a common mistake. The spot price doesn’t include the actual landed cost of the silver, the premium the producers charges, the refinement/fabrication from the raw silver to the planchets, the minting into the coin, the storage/insurance of the pieces in the vault and so forth.

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