Officially on WAX!

LD2 has deployed all our smart contracts and operations to the WAX blockchain, an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral blockchain with free and instant transactions. LD2 joins other popular content creators already on the NFT-focused WAX blockchain, from the likes of Atari and Funko to Marvel and DC. And WAX is home to the vast majority of the top Dapp games – Alien Worlds, Farmers World, Blockchain Brawlers, and others. WAX is most certainly the place to be.

Migrate ERC-20 Tokens

Take advantage of the benefits WAX has to offer by migrating your ERC-20 tokens to their WAX counterparts. The process is simple. The only cost to you will be a Ethereum gas fees for a ERC-20 transfer, and a minimal account setup fee if you don’t already have a WAX account. To get started, follow the instructions below.

  • Get a WAX Account

    If you don’t already have an account on the WAX blockchain, sign up for a WAX Cloud Account at This is the fastest way for new users to get signed up, and only requires an email address and 5 WAX. (NOTE, contact us if you’re having trouble getting the 5 WAX to start the account.)

  • Find Your WAX Address

    Note your WAX account name, whether pre-existing or a WAX Cloud Account created in the previous step. After signing into your WAX Cloud Account, you will see your WAX wallet address in the upper right corner. It will be 8-12 characters long and end with .wam

  • Transfer ERC-20 Tokens

    Use an ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet to transfer your XLDZ balance to the Depository Delegate wallet address (0xdB7f7cFc293d763e2D666B7176A03855839DF013). NOTE! To ensure the wallet address is correct, be sure to verify the Depository Delegate wallet address HERE. Note the transaction ID of this transfer.

  • Sign a Message

    Create a signed message with the details of your transaction. For example, visit, log in with your wallet (typically a browser extension like Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask). Your message should look like this (with the transaction ID and wallet address changed, of course):

    This Ethereum wallet transferred XLDZ ERC-20 tokens to the depository delegate wallet on transaction {YOUR TRANSACTION ID}, and request that they be credited to the WAX-blockchain wallet account: {YOUR.ACCT.WAM}

    Once signed, you should have a message that looks like this:

    "address": "0x0c8d03e9b5b3a631df176c364c330f5c0dcbe921",
    "msg": "0x5468697320457468657265756d2077616c6c6574207472616e7366657272656420584c445a204552432d323020746f6b656e7320746f20746865206465706f7369746f72792064656c65676174652077616c6c6574206f6e207472616e73616374696f6e207b594f5552205452414e53414354494f4e2049447d2c20616e6420726571756573742074686174207468657920626520637265646974656420746f20746865205741582d626c6f636b636861696e2077616c6c6574206163636f756e743a207b594f55522e414343542e57414d7d",
    "sig": "576f82118224bd1c686c32424e686ffc9824ce041ee8028ffc6936cadc166ac0424e390ddf1a1f1e1be4750d8ed1db2119a45713187ffa7fc2fb3b7ab6f33e731b",
    "version": "3",
    "signer": "MEW"

  • Send Us the Message

    Email the signed version of this message to We will process your request.