Know the wallet address where your LD2.zero tokens are stored.

You must own LD2.zero digital tokens to request redemption of the physical silver coins. Make sure you know the ERC-20 compatible wallet address in which those tokens are held, and have it ready.


Use the form above to redeem your tokens. You must provide:

Your wallet address (where your LD2.tokens are held)
Shipping address (where your physical silver coins will be sent to)

Once providing those you will pay the Shipping & Handling charges through the redemption form above, before proceeding to the checkout process.


Transfer the tokens from your wallet to the redemption wallet.

The LD2.zero tokens to be redeemed MUST be transferred from the wallet address you provided to the depository’s redemption wallet address. You will receive the depository’s redemption wallet address after completing the redemption process above.


Once confirmed, the silver coins will be sent directly to your door!

From digital token to a physical, .999 fine silver coin, minted as a limited edition collectible … pretty cool, huh?